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Understanding Our Underwater Cousins: An Aquatic Animal Activity Book

We may live on land, but humans use hundreds of species of aquatic animals every day and eat trillions every year. Despite that, we rarely see them. So, who are these animals and how do our actions affect them?

Understanding our Underwater Cousins will take you below the water’s surface, challenging you with puzzles and quizzes as we explore our interactions with aquatic animals through their eyes.

This activity book was designed to engage neurodiverse learners and can be used as a supplementary resource for teaching about humans’ impact on animals and the environment in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Written by Valerie Monckton and Wasseem Emam
Illustrated by Travis Jeans

Image of a page from Understanding our Underwater Cousins

Understanding Our Underwater Cousins

Educational Activities from the Book

Thoughtful activities for lovers of animals and oceans. Available via Teachers Pay Teachers.
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Quiz How Much Do You Know About Aquatic Animal Welfare
How Much Do You Know About Aquatic Animal Welfare?
Crossword Caring for Pet Fishes
Caring for Pet Fishes
Drawing Activity What is Enrichment?
What is Enrichment?
Marine Life Coloring Page
Marine Life Coloring Page

Made in collaboration with Ethical Seafood Research

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