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Understanding Our Underwater Cousins: An Aquatic Animal Activity Book

We may live on land, but humans use hundreds of species of aquatic animals every day and eat trillions every year. Despite that, we rarely see them. So, who are these animals and how do our actions affect them?

Understanding our Underwater Cousins will take you below the water’s surface, challenging you with puzzles and quizzes as we explore our interactions with aquatic animals through their eyes.

This activity book was designed to engage neurodiverse learners and can be used as a supplementary resource for teaching about humans’ impact on animals and the environment in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Written by Valerie Monckton and Wasseem Emam
Illustrated by Travis Jeans

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A Word From Valerie

I have an MSc in Animal Biosciences specializing in Behaviour and Welfare, and six years of experience working as a researcher, writer, and editor in animal advocacy. I’m a member of ACES: The Society For Editing and my writing has been published in academic journals and beyond.

Valerie Monckton
Scientist | Writer | Editor

We had the opportunity to work with Valerie on editorial tasks for our website and book chapters. Throughout our collaboration, Valerie demonstrated a professional approach, as well as clear and consistent communication. Her contributions to the editing process enhanced the clarity and readability of the content, and her understanding of the content ensured this was done without altering the intended message.

Cynthia Schuck Paim PhD; Research Director at Welfare Footprint Project

Working with Valerie has been a privilege. She adapts her work to create a safe environment that prioritizes inclusivity for queer, trans, and neurodivergent people. Valerie’s comments helped me to better understand my mistakes and avoid them in the future. For a person who has difficulty reading, it also meant a lot to me that she made time to discuss my work face-to-face. Her explanations are always on point and simple to understand.

Nathe Perrone Co-founder at Organisation Pour le Bien-Être et la Sécurité Animale

We received Valerie's support in copyediting and fact-checking our literature reviews. Valerie's meticulous editing of our review drafts significantly enhanced their quality. Her up-to-date domain knowledge was instrumental in not only improving our work but also in adding depth to it. I highly recommend Valerie for her exceptional skills and dedication. I am certain every team would benefit from having such a diligent and knowledgeable editor supporting them.

Lukas Jasiunas PhD; Head of Research at Healthier Hens

Valerie was a huge asset to finishing my dissertation on animal welfare science. Not only did she copyedit and provide structural feedback to one of my PhD chapters, but she also took the time to remind me of the importance of self-care. Valerie is a shining copyeditor who cares for her clients' well-being and success.

Andrea Polanco PhD; Research Scientist at Faunalytics

When we worked at the Aquatic Life Institute, I remember their Senior Researcher commenting on how impressed she was with Valerie’s writing and editing. When I founded Ethical Seafood Research and needed someone to manage our research outputs from an editorial and technical writing perspective, she was my absolute first choice. She’s helped us with several reports and an activity book on aquatic animal welfare. I highly recommend her.

Wasseem Emam PhD candidate; Founder, Director, and Lead Researcher at Ethical Seafood Research

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